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Minor Ball Registration Form     Open March 1 - 21
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All players registered in Maple Creek Minor Sports must abide by the rules and regulations of the Saskatchewan Baseball Association or Softball Saskatchewan.  

MC Minor Sports is not responsible for transportation.

All players must attend practices and are responsible to find out practice times and places.

Minor Sports personnel assure you that every precaution will be taken to prevent injury.


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Jr. + Sr. Rally Cap

Sr. Rally Cap is generally ages 7 - 8, provided there has already been involvement in Rally Cap (or similar program). Children 7-8 without previous involvement can choose Jr. Rally Cap. Players who are 9 can play 11U Division or Rally Cap. If they have 2 or less years of Rally Cap (or similar program) their development may benefit from staying in Rally Cap.  Jr. Rally Cap starts at age 5 but can start at 4 upon approval.

Female Age Categories

Jr. Rally Cap - Born 2018 - 2019

Sr. Rally Cap - Born 2016 - 2017

U5 - Born 2019 - 2020

U7 - Born 2017 - 2018

U9 - Born 2015 - 2016

U11 - Born 2013 - 2014         

U13 - Born 2011 - 2012

U15 - Born 2009 - 2010

U17 - Born 2007 - 2008

U19 - Born 2005 - 2006


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WELCOME! Registration is now open. Registrations received after March 21 are subject to board approval and team capacity, so please ensure you are registered before that date! Age categories are listed below registration form.

Registration payment options include Credit / Debit / Apple Pay

Please proceed to register using the online registration form on this webpage.

A confirmation email will automatically be sent once you've successfully registered. After registration is complete, we will do our best to communicate with all those registered via the TeamSnap App, email and our Facebook page. If you have any questions or concerns, please email 


KidSport is a financial assistance program to help low-income households cover registration costs. KidSport Applications need to be submitted to KidSport before the sport starts. In the event of refunds, Maple Creek Minor Sports will issue those directly back. To apply to KidSport click here.

- Need More Info? -

Email us here  or visit Baseball Sask and Softball Sask for information regarding camps, player programs, rules, and more!

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